Accredited Workshops and Courses for Business Mentors

Delivered by the Association of Business Mentors   http://www.associationofbusinessmento...

Accredited by the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring   http://www.iicandm.org

Training locations in London and Birmingham from February 2014

One of principal objectives of The Association of Business Mentors (ABM) is to provide quality control of mentors. To this end ABM promotes training and continuous professional development so that its members are competent not only with mentoring techniques but also with modern business management.

Who are they for?

These courses have been designed and written by Kerrie Dorman, an experienced, operating business mentor who has successfully sold businesses and has been mentoring for seven years. This experience is wrapped up in the course content and is recommended to;

Why complete an accredited course?

These courses provide business mentors with the professional edge now required in this field.  Business mentoring has been unregulated until recently with the push from the Association of Business Mentors to protect and promote credible business mentoring and the only way to manage and track this is through accreditation and membership to the industry trade association.

Clients, mentees and any other recipients of business mentoring are now encouraged to be aware of mentors operating without credibility. Once completed, this workshop and courses are proof of a level of expertise in this field and provide mentors with knowledge, insight and confidence in delivering an expert service.

How it works………………….

Check for suitable dates and venue. Click and book via the booking links below or go to http://www.iicandm.org/courses/mentor... and wait for your confirmation pack in the post. There are cases of exemption to the pre requisites in special circumstances. Delivery can be organised on site for organisations.

Who are the Trainers?

Kerrie Dorman – Mentor, Founder of the Association of Business Mentors, Head of Mentoring IIC&M

Gaby Marcon – Board Member and Head of Training at the Association of Business Mentors

Dr Gbadebo Ogunlami -  Lecturer at LCT, Mentor and Member of the Association of Business Mentors


All fees are inclusive of 18 months membership to the IIC&M, certificate and accreditation fees

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